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​MapleStory M - Suggestion on The Fable Returns

news Nov-13-2019

​MapleStory M - Suggestion on The Fable Returns

I apperceive no one will bother.

But there are two credibility bare to be done to advance The Fable Return.

1, Accidental Chic - Accidental chic are broadcast to players. Because Manji is actively alterity in this dungeon. Top amateur will just accept Manji and goes abandoned (Yes, Manji can solo). That agency the agency that actuate the acceptable aggregation is based on how able-bodied the amateur can ascendancy Manji. By giving accidental chic to player, it will accompany added fun to the game.

2, AFK Amateur - I apperceive some amateur just wanna accompany fable already per anniversary for exp medal. But seriously, afk in legend? Some players even accept assorted accounts with assorted characters that consistently AFK in legend. Amuse do something on it.

( I don't accept any abstraction how to advance it, so charge the clairvoyant to begin ideas. )