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May-15-2019 Categories: news

# Stats

It's consistently been difficult to adjudge which carbon will accord you the best accident output, whether it be added ATK, added Crit rate, added Crit DMG or Bang-up ATK.

A accepted aphorism of deride is that added stats such as PHY ATK or MAG ATK with no percentages will bulk beneath and beneath as you get added and more. They may assume acceptable at first, however, allotment stats will win out in the end. E.g. If you have 1,000 ATK and you add on an added 100 ATK, your accident will access by 10%. But if you accept 10,000 ATK, that added 100 ATK will alone get you an added 1% damage.

Therefore, I acclaim traveling for allotment stats such as PHY DMG % access and Crit DMG% as they will get you added in the continued run. E.g. A 2% access will consistently be a 2% increase.

When it comes to casting up amid Crit bulk % or Crit DMG %:

Average accident achievement = Crit bulk % X Crit DMG %

Crit bulk % is about consistently abate than Crit DMG %, appropriately Crit bulk is added admired than Crit accident by a agency of how abundant abate it is. E.g. If your Crit DMG is 50% and your crit bulk is 10% afresh 1% Crit bulk is account 5% Crit DMG.

# Jewels

Jewels can be acquired by commutual the circadian dungeon.

You are accustomed 2 sets of jewel slots to accomplish alive whenever you want.

For the aboriginal jewel set, it is recommended to aim for accepting 5 Rank A chicken aboveboard EXP jewels to alpha you off. Afterwards that, you'll wish to alpha authoritative a top accident achievement set.

The jewels that are recommended for accepting the accomplished accessible accident achievement are the Bang-up ATK% access (purple), PHY DMG% access and MAG DMG% increase. To apperceive what's popular, analysis out the Mu Lung dojo rankings and you'll be able to accretion out what the humans commutual the dojo with the fastest times are application (not the accustomed rankings).

In agreement of fusing them into college grades, don't be in such a blitz to advancement them to the architecture S chic as you will absence out on accepting the Aboveboard A chic set bonus. You can get the benefit already you hit akin 110 and alleviate the fifth slot.

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