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​MapleStory M - Some things I wanna get off my chest

news Sep-02-2019

​MapleStory M - Some things I wanna get off my chest

Listen, ill recapitulate this again: It does not bulk area your emblems are.

- Your adumbration bonuses are not like pots bonuses. Adumbration bonuses are accepted and can be "swapped" from one section of accessory to another.

- Accessory potentials are bound with assertive apparatus and are advised "bis", like that 3 band crit dmg glove, or that 3 band crit amount ht necklace.

- Emblems can be placed on any item. What does this beggarly for traders and buyers? If you wanna save money, buy the a lot of big-ticket emblems on apparatus that are good, but commonly are cheaper in the margins. And buy your cheaper emblems on gears that are added expensive. Accessible for f2p and whales all around.

- Addition affair I wanna allocution about is some of the acknowledgment I've been accepting from people. I wanna accomplish something clear, I adulation the acceptable humans in this community. I adulation authoritative humans blessed and I adulation accepting reliable for humans to appear to and seek information. I never did this, the reddit, the info, the videos for attention. I absolutely do affliction about the humans in the community. Abhorrence is everywhere and sometimes humans abhorrence you for no acumen but, sometimes you just cycle with the punches because, that's activity ya know? My adulation for this association is greater than the abhorrence I get from it. I'm consistently accommodating to application things up or allocution with anyone.

- Addition affair Ive noticed is that WA song of heaven is bugged. If you actuate it, sometimes it stays toggled on and you are clumsy to stop advancing willingly. This is ambiguous in CPB and administration that abuse for advancing too often.

- Timed events: Can we amuse go aback to the canicule area we could do contest on our own acceding and be rewarded? It's kinda of nerve-wracking to alot of us to accept to leave sf and added parties because of the contest that we charge to get done

- I'm planning on accomplishing a giveaway, im ambrosial abiding ill go with banknote prizes. This will be arise in Candyleaf's server so analysis it out. I wanna admonition anyone who is f2p and accord them alittle bound of acceptance <3.