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​MapleStory M - Some accepting I abhorrence and like about NA Zenith

news Jul-10-2019

​MapleStory M - Some accepting I abhorrence and like about NA Zenith


- There are ailing pedophiles in this game. Humans anticipate this bold is a dating app. Afore I angry 18 in MSM, I've met some awe-inspiring humans in aristocratic dungeons and they asked me if I'm alone or what my age is. Idk if I should be demography this as a antic because I've encountered so abounding humans who asks me these kinds of questions.

- Funycat. I abhorrence the humans in funycat brotherhood because they afk in TLR and they don't accept to people's warnings.

- Not a lot of humans participates in accessible expeditions aback abounding humans adopt to do them with guildies.

- The Affinity brotherhood leader. So this brotherhood baton is acquisitive with brotherhood forts because the Affinity brotherhood baton "Jaiis" stalks my brotherhood by sending one of his brotherhood associates to my brotherhood member's breadth and waits for them to get a bout in the brotherhood fort. I confronted the brotherhood baton and I concluded up accepting blocked from him in discord, and he begins to allocution bits about my confrontations. What's so brainless about this being is because he doesn't wish to bout about and doesn't wish to play adequately in the game.

- So abounding quitters. If you analysis the rankings for anniversary chic and annal down, you'll see a lot of guildless and abeyant people. A lot of old players who played MSM aback barrage had quit, and a few still play but don't break online absolute active.

- There are alone 16 alive and able guilds available, the blow in the GD rankings are a agglomeration of alt guilds.

- Too abounding old humans in this server. My guildies are like over 25+, there were no humans about my age so I was disappointed.


- The server's not dead. There are affluence of humans who go to aristocratic dungeons, TLR, monster carnival, netts, etc. I'd say NA Zenith has the aforementioned citizenry like NA Croa.

- The accidental megaphone spams from people.

- The marketing. The items there are not too cheap, and it's simple to accomplish mesos there, even as a F2P.

- The people/friends there. (Not abundant to say, they are friendly)

- A lot of humans who would participate contest like henehoeing, adumbrate and seek, etc.

- College adventitious to ability 1st-3rd abode in dojo if you're arena a weaker class.

- The server animosity community.

- The asinine mesos bots.

That's appealing abundant what I anticipate about NA Zenith. Can't anticipate of more, but that's all I can anticipate of. Anyways, I'm abandonment the server Zenith due to those affidavit about what I abhorrence about NA Zenith.