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Feb-13-2019 Categories: news

Hi everyone, appropriate now im a lvl 147 night ambler and i accept leg haplhas armour forth with a allegorical briser barb 18* lvl 23. My catechism is whether i should capital shadower because their mesos bouncer accomplishment looks able (because my night ambler deceit survive at sf130) and saw the vid area shadower was abandoned demography 1.2-1.4k per hit from sf130 mobs.

Not abandoned that, their mobbing looks appealing able and they accept bigger avoidability than nw. So should i change to shadower? Or should i change to NL or just not change at all? Either way, non of these characters will be my capital as im cat-and-mouse for apparition which will be my accurate main.

As anyone who afflicted from NW to Shad, I alone adulation my shadower. Air-conditioned tanky, able with potions, bigger mobbing than NW. I adulation it. But if you're not gonna capital any of these characters you're talking about afresh just delay for apparition afresh you can just abduct abilities from the explorers.

Shadowers accept the best aegis in the bold until paladins are appear so there's that. And best aphotic afterimage (extra 3 seconds) with avant-garde aphotic sight. Mobbing and bossing are both appealing alternate with meso explosion.

It's s fun class, absolutely annual a try for anyone curious. Sure, the accident isn't too bad.

The numbers themselves aren't absolute big but there's affluence of curve on your bulk skills, so some allotment will be appropriate to see big numbers. But, like I said, best aegis in the bold til advocate is released, afresh they will be additional in aegis abandoned to paladins. Abounding chic overall.

What akin was your nw? And did you lose a lot of dps? 121 NW vs my 116 shadower. Annihilation crazy level-wise. My individual ambition dps abandoned a little because NW has some of the best individual ambition dps in the bold abnormally the further you get into 4th job and aggressive abilities and whatnot.

Shadower acutely has inferior individual ambition dps compared to NW. Not by too abounding admitting tbh. But in my assessment the mobbing on shadower is better. Maybe I just adopt backlash ache to adumbration spark. But backlash feels smoother, has best range, and hits just the aforementioned bulk of enemies as adumbration spark, maybe even more Maple story M Mesos.

And added curve of damage. Shadowers charge a little allotment to see big numbers like I said but it's still a acceptable chic and annual a shot. Able mobbers and bossers. NW was awful at mobbing, in my opinion.