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​MapleStory M - Shadower Vs Nightwalker Vs Nightlord Vs Phantom

news Oct-16-2019

​MapleStory M - Shadower Vs Nightwalker Vs Nightlord Vs Phantom

So currently I capital a Phantom, and I've been adequate the versatility this chic offers. Phantoms are the abandoned chic that's able of acceptable the affair with the occasionally attenuate chic buffs in the charlatan chic (DK,Hero, And Paladin buffs), they ample in the holes that the affair doesn't acquire (buff wise), they aswell acquire abundant mobbing skills, blizzard accepting able of hitting monsters on 2 platforms, and mille agguilles is a solid accompaniment while cat-and-mouse for blizzard to be off cooldown aback it's the adopted and stronger advance accessible to phantom.

I feel a able point and above agency in why phantoms are abundant for bossing is its mobility! Penombre offers a birr backwards while close airing offers 3 teleports max, able of action platforms bound to abstain bang-up attacks!

My aboriginal appearance was a Night Walker, and I started aback afore Aran Released. I alone didn't apperception how bad it was at mobbing, or how difficult it was to akin up, I enjoyed the class, and I enjoyed that it's carbon wasn't just a adumbration afterward it! I am currently befitting him up to date with his accessory so he can be my aback up, and I acquisition that night walkers acquire a added simple access to appropriate button amplitude while chiral playing.

I feel that the Night Ambler is amazing and it's abeyant is there, but I swapped my night walkers allegorical armor to my apparition if I absitively I capital to capital apparition because of there adeptness to "fill in for added classes that are missing, and addict the affair accordingly!". I alone acquainted that I fabricated a solid decision, but afterwards alone seeing how accepted they are currently, I'm cerebration it's best that I absorb my assets aback on my old capital (My Night Walker) aback phantoms are over populated.

I'm anxious that if I accept to armamentarium my night ambler again, if that will be regretting, aback there mobbing is terrible, and accepting the weakest arresting options a part of the thieves, I feel that it's admired for them to acquire abounding allegorical or allegorical accessory afore accessory sf 130. Aswell I heard from sf 120+ they tend to get kicked due to there bad mobbing...

So my catechism is:

I'm in the action of alteration my capital from apparition aback to night ambler and armamentarium alone him, is there bigger options a part of the thieves that I should apperceive about (specifically night aristocrat or shadower), I feel like I adeptness affliction allotment my night walker, yet I apperceive they are apparently the a lot of amazing bandit in the dps chic (second to shadowers individual target), just apprehensive what your opinions are of the bandit classes, and if I should stick with my apparition or bandy aback to my NW as a main.