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​MapleStory M - Returning Abecedarian Questions

news Jul-08-2019

​MapleStory M - Returning Abecedarian Questions

So I abdicate not too continued afterwards the Cygnus amend due to addict and I've got a brace of quick questions now that I'm advancing back.

1, How do you get the benefit XP from if they fabricated leveling easier? I apperceive anon afterwards I abdicate they fabricated it easier to akin and adapted characters levels but my abbey is still just akin 120 and my thunderbreaker is still 115. Did I just absence out or is there a way to still get the xp?

2, Can accessory weapons be fused? I anticipate I saw something adage rank up stones don't plan but haven't apparent annihilation about fusing. Does this beggarly it's account it to absorb irl to get unique+ accessory weapons or is it accomplished to use epics?

The arced the acquaintance to accomplish it easier to akin thru training.

Nobody got chargeless levels. Just decidedly alone the bare exp to lvl up. The 120 of afore is now about our 145.

Secondary weapons are acutely a pay to win feature. 10+1 clear pulls.

You can get Upto an ballsy with meso pulls. Or buy a different + on barter boutique for endless of mesos.

Thanks in beforehand for any info!