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​MapleStory M - Rebalance the weapons again

news Jan-12-2019

​MapleStory M - Rebalance the weapons again

Rebalance the weapons again. Jaihin is appealing abundant the best for everything.

No one wants 10% exp on their allegorical weapon unless they accept accession one to use. Jaihin added annihilate time helps you survive harder sf maps that net you exp anyways.

Jaihin does added accident than Briser adjoin administration with adapted crit rat and Briser is abortive in Starforce.

Bloody becomes abortive with aliment buffs because you go over 100%. So Jaihin wins again.

Increase the exp on Utgard to something adapted or change the carbon altogether.

Give the starforce mobs "boss" cachet so Briser isn't abortive in training. Or at atomic accomplish the bang-up atk able abundant to accomplish it favorable for bossing vs. Jaihin.

Add Crit ATK to Briser or absolute the bulk of crit% you can get from aliment buffs.

The easiest way is to bifold the account of all weapons except Jaihin:

1, Briser should add 26% bang-up damage.

2, Bloody should add 35.2% crit rate.

3, Utgard should add 20% exp.

Also acquiesce added than 100% crit rate, the bulk over 100% will account the analytical attrition from administration and monsters of Maplestory M Mesos. For archetype if complete crit bulk is 120%, it would agency hitting any monster that has beneath than 20% crit attrition will consistently aftereffect crit.

With such changes, those 3 weapons will be commensurable to Jaihin, which is abacus 54% crit damage.