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​MapleStory M - Questions about TB

news Oct-12-2019

​MapleStory M - Questions about TB

I've been playin this for two months. Just afresh akin up my TB to 150 for that age-old bolt skill. I'm so searching advanced to it as it allows you continuously use typhoon.

However it does not work...,

I emailed nexon...

They told me they afflicted it in the July Patch this year ( but didn't change the description of the skill. )

I'm like... Are u serious?

Just apprehensive if there's any added old amateur TB out there... acquaint me what's traveling on with this job.

I bidding my annoyance to nexon and asked if they are gonna accompany the absolute accomplishment back.

They basically just acquaint me "oh we will advanced this to assertive administration and put it into consideration."

I'm in Asia 2 croa.

And every time I bumped into some 170/180+s.

They are consistently like, why are u arena tb, about-face to buc...

I don't absolutely get it... I don't anticipate tb is that weak, I can do zak and horntail decently.

But in Asia 2 it seems like if you play tb you are crumbling your time and money.