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​MapleStory M - Polling catechism for those with 5/5 exaltation

news Nov-22-2019

​MapleStory M - Polling catechism for those with 5/5 exaltation

Just analytical for those who've accomplished this stage, which of the options will y'all advance to do?

1. Re-make a accomplished new emblem.

2. Buy acclaim abridgement scrolls.

3. Pray and accomplishment Nexon will do something about the acclaim system.

4. Wait for contest to absolution acclaim abridgement scrolls.

5. Abdicate maplestory m.

LVL38 pba crit dmg adumbration jaihin baton with 4/5 failures here.

If nexon doesn't do something in actuality acceptable about this abhorrent arrangement I'm apparently just gonna abdicate if it hits 5 failures.

Failure abridgement scrolls are too big-ticket for them not getting 100% and cat-and-mouse for some approaching accident to possibly advice with the bearings is not a band-aid either.

And remaking the weapon, Maple story M Mesos that I've been alive on for months aswell isn't one.