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​MapleStory M - NW aggressive question

news Oct-09-2019

​MapleStory M - NW aggressive question

So I was planning to go with DARK OMEN-maintain and DARK OMEN - cooldown cutter to access the up time of aphotic augury so I can account from the mobbing access until 171.

I'm cerebration SF 130 til 170 if that's accessible and afresh I'll displace and go for sf 144 or 147 depending on how generally I get kicked.

I was planning to go DARKNESS ASCENDING PHYS DMG, afresh DARKNESS ASCENDING COOLDOWN for a abiding phys addict unless I die, but afresh time bastardize phantom/buccaneer would save the day if I died!

Then I was gonna get all 3 quint star..

Also now that I'm cerebration about it, I accept that the crit dmg from black ascendance would be a bigger best back phantoms and buccaneers are accepted at college akin SFs appropriate now, and time bound would beggarly a abiding addict for DARKNESS ASCENDING.

I wish to apperceive the optimal Night Walker build, and I was cerebration of advance my aboriginal two aggressive abilities into aphotic augury to access the "weakness" that NW has pre 170 which is mobbing/ I was planning to go Maintain afresh Cooldown for added up time, afresh displace my hypers at 170 already I get that hyper.