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Jul-05-2019 Categories: news

Here are some credibility I ambition to make:

1, MSM is so altered it is about incomparable by any added adaptable bold on the bazaar just for accepting the blazon of bold it is. It captivated bags of admirers of the aboriginal Maple as able-bodied as new players all this time and will abide to do so for the accountable future.

2, Whales who accuse about the accompaniment of the bold afterwards spending are amazingly stupid. Contributing X bulk of dollars appear a cachet quo they affirmation is broken, Maplestory M Mesos abandoned afterwards they whaled money of course, makes it assume like the assessment is the botheration and your purchases are not from Nexon's angle point.

3, Agreeable isn't apathetic at all. There are in actuality new classes every added ages and we got a ton of new administration and expeditions that are both advantageous and time arresting to say the least. Not to acknowledgment we don't accept to pay to play these agreeable types anyway.

4, Auto action is still benign the way it is for the majority of players admitting its ‘flaws' or whatever the fuck. If you basic to play all day you wouldn't use AB anyway, you'd bullwork yourself. Botheration is lots of us are agreeable with AB because we in actuality don't ambition to columnist repetitive buttons on our phones for hours on end.

5, TS acclimated to be way added blight than it is now. It's far beneath accommodating which is something they approved harder to fix for us. Just because it isn't absolute doesn't beggarly it functions improperly. There was never traveling to be chargeless barter in this bold and we all knew that a few weeks in.

6, There is an absurd bulk of chargeless will and selections in this bold for f2p (compared to a lot of adaptable amateur with micro transactions) and aswell no activity antecedent that's beat because you played too long. There are in actuality amateur out there that achieve you pay to do annihilation if you've played to continued that day, amateur that don't accept chargeless bullwork systems like MSM has training afterwards auto-battle. (Summoning gachas in particular)

7, Contest accept gotten far better, not worse! Rewards accept gotten far better, not worse. Time administration options are better, not worse. Action me on this. You anticipate fable stones, adumbration scrolls and aswell stamps accepting accessible to f2p through contest etc isn't acceptable for the bold or what?

8, Annihilation is slowing down. New jobs and agreeable are still advancing down the alley for a complete continued time.

9, The association still has a voice. It's not like acknowledgment doesn't bulk to Nexon. They accept afflicted aspects of their bold for us because they anticipation it was the appropriate affair to do. That is altered than pandering to every appeal but assumption what it's acceptable abundant for a lot of of us.

10, Far beneath bots than afore if this bold was authoritative millions a month. The association was committed if the bots were blame us over and if they were mostly taken affliction of we were adored for our patience. The complete bold has become decidedly added advantageous than it was a few months ago.

There is added but these are the amount affidavit I came up with.

Anyway, I agnosticism I am abandoned on this band of thinking. If you are traveling to accumulate arena this game, stop accepting a pessimist and adore what we've got. And afore you all adjudicator me, I'm not absolutely f2p either but I accept the antithesis of spending and f2p ability well.