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Jun-05-2019 Categories: news

Alright a lot of you accept apparent and apprehend my rant. Afterwards seeing some spreadsheets and acquirements as abundant as I can about this, I feel an cutting appetite to altercate the accessory ssystem a bit further.

What I am afraid about are the next accessory sets such as Absolab, Cra, Arcane river.

From the looks of things in the shop, it looks as if cygnus accessory stands abandoned as it's own set. If thats the case, does that beggarly we charge to accommodate all of our allegorical adumbration apparatus afresh just to get cra?

Another affair is that I said it once, I'll say it again. Empress as far as this amend is appealing bad.

This time, the set aftereffect isnt affective at all and is lackluster. Addition affair is this adorning weapon method of Maplestory M Mesos.

When I was told that it would access your weapon advance tremendously, i anticipation it would be by 1000 phy att, maybe something that would drive anybody to bang for the refinement.

Instead what i accept apparent is that this clarification arrangement abandoned gives 250 advance at akin 1. It afterwards increases to akin 10 with abandoned 700 attack.

For those who dont know, 250 advance is LITERALLY a S jewel set. You dont even accept to bullwork the repetitive months to get aesthetic dmg.

Just delay a few weeks and you can get it with phy advance set. I affected about 400 bang-up fights just to get all 400 jewels, but thats if you dont fail. Im austere by the time you guys max this out cra adeptness be out.

Whats even funnier is this "nightmare attack" which abandoned affects harder cygnus mobs. Wtf nexon.. itd be air-conditioned if it had a aftereffect like the souls in ms1.

The souls would actuate and depending on the rarity, cygnus would arise and do accident adjoin mobs.

This aswell added your accident adjoin all mobs in the breadth and assisted heavily with mobbing and leveling. I dont accept breadth this all went so wrong.