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- Agenda that the farm's name is abiding and cannot be afflicted thereafter unless with the use of a Acreage renaming coupon, so accord it some anticipation afore confirming! Again, I would like to accent that a acreage is aggregate beyond all characters in the maple ID and cannot be deleted already it is created.

- Accretion your acreage akin allows you to accretion admission to new barrio and quests, as able-bodied as a college monster accommodation for your farm. Acreage Exp can be acquired from caring for your monsters and from commutual Monster activity quests.

- Monsters are tagged with a 30-day continuance from the day it is obtained. Upon expiry, said monster will no best be able to amalgamate and will no best accommodate abeyant but will not be deleted from your acreage (unless manually released). Monsters can be appear by appropriate beat on it and selecting the 'Release' button.

- Harvest Waru from barrio that accomplish Waru by larboard beat on them and selecting the 'Harvest button' or 'Reap Button'.

- Add or abolish accompany from any apple to your annual (max 50), block players, appearance recommended farms, appearance accession user's farm, alpha a babble as able-bodied as appearance accession player's homepage. Update: "Cross Apple (or Server)" is accessible admitting "Cross Gateway" is not accessible in Monster Life. Example: Aquila Farmer Wants to Visit Cassiopeia Farmer is OK admitting Aquila Farmer Wants to Visit Hercules Farmer is not possible.

- Appropriate bang on any user in the accompany annual and baddest the bulletin button to anon babble with them (regardless of world, as continued as both are in Monster Life). Complete babble amid amateur in Monster Activity and amateur in regular. Maplestory gameplay will be belted to players aural the aforementioned world.

- Appropriate bang on the acreage of any user in the accompany annual and baddest the homepage button to appearance their homepage. The homepage can aswell be accessed by appropriate beat the contour account of your acreage or any acreage that you are visiting and selecting the Homepage button. The Homepage allows visitors to leave messages, users to cavalcade statuses (e.g facebook status) as able-bodied as affectation your own customized profile.

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