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Dec-01-2018 Categories: news

I ambition I could animadversion on Maplestory M's Facebook page to let others apperceive that MM is deleting comments and blocking people... but, obviously, I cannot... It's acrid because the animadversion that got me blocked basically declared (blunt, Maplestory M Mesos but still polite) that the players feel actually abandoned and it's been actually frustrating.

I apperceive that there are so abounding added players out there that ambition they could acquaint added players about this but can't. We charge to acquaint the players on the FB page that MM has been accomplishing this to added admonish the players that MM actually does NOT affliction about their players.

Players will see that added players are calling MM out on their adumbral bits and it will actually accomplish them anticipate alert about spending any absolute money on the bold in the future.

MM needs to stop blank their players and humans charge to let added players apperceive on the FB page that they do this blazon of bits because it's *extremely* adumbral and looks abhorrent on MM. Its absolute censorship. Just yield a attending at their a lot of contempo posts and attending at all the comments.

It's pathetic. The bulk of humans delivery their apropos about the TS over and over and over and over again. It makes me so mad if I try to apprehend through so abounding comments larboard by acutely balked players.

Please amuse advice me advance the chat to the added players. At this point we actually charge to ban calm to see some absolute change. You could say something like;

"Just to let you guys know, MM is deleting comments and blocking players who articulation accurate apropos in the animadversion section." It's like... what do you accept to hide, MM/NEXON?

This is the prime archetype on how I abhorrence if humans just anticipate they apperceive it all and they are in actuality right. The bold is a business for the company, as with any added businesses profits is all that matters.

You complained about players accepting abandoned but i don't see it that way, with the assorted chic balances and several attempts to abolish sellers, bots and hackers, the association has about bigger in game.

From the accent of your rant, basically you are just acrid you didn't get what you demanded, they deleted your column and you just advance to appear actuality and add added salt. Apprentice to play by the rules and stop seeing the apple as you vs the world, your activity will advance plenty.