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​MapleStory M - Lv100 gluttonous for mesos and leveling guide

news Sep-06-2019

​MapleStory M - Lv100 gluttonous for mesos and leveling guide

Where do i acreage mesos and best abode to leveling now? Im sf40 atm is it ideal at this level?

Is it astute to use my Exp coupons in mini dungeon? is it the best exp place?

It depends on your chic as well, aboriginal accession up to SF 80. It should be adequately simple as all items 10* will do it. SF80 can endure you to best lvl 135. Afresh aim for SF120/130/147/144.

Mesos agriculture spots are barnacle on your chic to see which are the best, for your akin Snakes Breadth at Mulung is currently the best. It can crop 1m/hr minimum.

As your akin progresses and you alpha accumulating bang-up set, for abandoned farm. You can go to Stronghold Entrance.

If you accord 20k per band you can 1hko them. Afresh it will crop at atomic 1.5m/hr. For PT, armoury will be faster. For both places a Unique Weapon + Max Epics armour will be enough.

Afterwards, if you wish levelling and mesos and the aforementioned time, SF maps will be ideal. If you wish authentic mesos farming.

You can go to Rough Wilderness with a PT, its about 400-500 per mob. Recommended Mythic Weapon and a Mythic Outfit or Maxed Legendary armour.