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Jun-08-2019 Categories: news

Have absolutely been admiring the fast-paced, hassle-free, easy-to-play-yet-hard-to-master minigame, and accept afresh been amphitheatre it too generally with a brace of friends.

Lately, we've noticed that in adjustment for some of the top rankers to absorb their rank, they've been application alts to carefully lose whenever they are in the teams of their -to-be competitors/rank-chasers.

Has this been actual accepted for y'all? It happened to me as a rank 1.

There's a dick on my server who acclimated up to 6 alts (names were similar, and if the alts were online he wasn't) , calm with his friend, to try and cull me down.

When the alts were on my team, they would just afk, and if they were on the opposing aggregation they played like normal.

When they anticipation that it got too obvious, they just farmed like accustomed for the accomplished game, buy MaplestoryM Mesos and fed carefully during final action (standing there not application skills)

To grief, they aswell carefully bound in manji if on my aggregation and afk-ed, so it's all about who has the fastest fingers first.

Unfortunately to exhausted such cheaters, you absolutely accept to be abundant added accomplished than them. I'm actual accomplished in manji which helped me absorb my rank 1.

My advancement for you would be to play Legends if there's added humans amphitheatre (ie 12 or added humans at any one time, so that there would be 2 rooms, and the bilker has a lower adventitious of analogous with you).

You can aswell try to braiding in added brotherhood associates to play, that will admission the adventitious of you not accepting in the aforementioned aggregation as the cheater.

Lastly, screenshot the final page to adduce as abundant affirmation as accessible (like in my acquaintance I screenshot the cheaters that affliction on my aggregation yet accomplish as accustomed if they're on the opposing team). You could afresh alarm them out afterwards.

Good luck.