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​MapleStory M - Leave in the average of expedition

news Oct-04-2019

​MapleStory M - Leave in the average of expedition

Lately I noticed an arising trend if I do campaign (zakum, horntail, blush bean). Anyone would about larboard beneath the 10 abnormal into the action and as the result, anybody larboard one by one until it's abandoned me angry the abuse monster.

This is so irritating. I never apparent this behavior afore in easy/normal akin campaign but it become approved in harder akin and about 90% on anarchy campaign that I've entered.

If your appearance is not able enough, amuse don't try to access the top akin ones. Your abandonment in the average messed up the gaming acquaintance for anybody else.

Ideliveryx said few accessible reason:

1, Disconnect from bold out of sudden.

2, The campaign run may not succeed.

3, Too slow, can't allow to yield time.

4, Leave on purpose to accomplish players feel frustrated.