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Dec-04-2018 Categories: news

Evd or Eclectic?

Since by end of bold anybody should acquire about 50k HP (assuming all abounding allegorical max level). So will Eclectic be bigger than Evd gears?

#1 Pros for Eclectic

- Pure DPS

- You acquire added than abundant HP to catchbasin any crap

- You can consistently use all cure pots for aberrant cachet (stun, accurateness debuff etc.)

- You get Physical Avert for mobbing (i.e. SF 113, 123, 133 etc.)

#2 Pros for Evd

- College adventitious to evade

- College bewitched avert (for bossing and college bank mobbing i.e. SF 120, 147 etc.)

- Glove has crit dmg % increase

- You save on all cure pots

PS: I'm alone apropos to 3 set furnishings aback Chaos zak captain will be adopted than allegorical headgear. (That's why i'm not including Pensalir or Muspell for comparison)


The way to go added or beneath not counting zhelm you would wish muspell captain and agares/halphas/ipos gloves for crit dmg% aback %is bigger than collapsed number. Outfit you wish evd as able-bodied as boots for tankyness as able-bodied as adventitious for evd.

If not counting zhelm I would rather go for abounding pensalir set effect.

517crit att isnt candidly good. Crit att itself is not that good. Like i said crit dmg % is a bigger scaling. There are bigger sets aftereffect at just 3 set such as muspell with their evd %. Crit att is just att added ontop of if you crit breadth as crit dmg % its added %onto your crit which is simple to obtain.

Even afterwards crit dmg % pot on items. If you had a allegorical jaihin (end game) you would be at 57%alone. Add accomplishment passive. And crit dmg % from muspell hat and crit dmg gloves. You would be seeing as little as 70%now 70% of 10k (talking end bold stats) 70% of 10k is 7k. Thats 7k added crit dmg vs 517 crit att. And im application the jaihin as an archetype but acutely theres no crit att wpn i can analyze the stats too.