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​MapleStory M - Kerning M belfry addendum so far

news Oct-18-2019

​MapleStory M - Kerning M belfry addendum so far

My allegation for Kerning M Belfry (and accompanying stuff):

1, Accomplish abiding you are in the actual eq, jewels, etc, you can't admission your inv or card if you accept accomplished the alpha of a attic challenge.

2, This is an annual aggregate dungeon, so, do it with the appearance which you wish to aggregate the rewards with (use your capital character, unless you are switching a capital character), the rewards for allowance anniversary attic gets beatific to the claimed mailbox.

3, If you can, you should abandoned to attic 30, starting from attic 31, the access claim is a accumulative activity akin of 300 (and after on, instead of the akin requirement, the sf claim is sf200 and aloft or something), and the requirements will alone access as the attic levels get higher.

4, You can alone appoint 1 acquisitive (guild member) a day.

5, You can alone use anniversary alt/sub already a day (apparently, you can accept what abilities your alts use, Maplestory M Mesos but I didn't bother, I didn't let my alts action anyway, they are too weak).

6, Alts/subs acclimated to advice action will aswell get an exp accolade in the alt's/sub's claimed mailbox.

7, Kerning M Belfry boutique purchases are apprenticed by month, and not circadian like brotherhood shop.

8, There is a 15% exp addition ring from the Kerning M Belfry boutique (costs 4k points, and lasts for a month).


1, I get the activity that authentic f2p are allegedly not traveling to be able to bright attic 50.

2, A lot of humans will allegedly get to attic 31 or 32 (at least) on the aboriginal day of the month, again maybe advance by 1 attic for anniversary consecutive day of the ages till they ability a attic that they in fact are not able to overcome.