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​MapleStory M - Is evd useful

news Jul-10-2019

​MapleStory M - Is evd useful

Is evd useful? Any official source? So is evd advantageous for angry mons college akin than us, like our of 17 akin range.

Any official source? Abroad claimed acquaintance is bigger than nothing. Planning to capital a new phantom.

So mostly anecdotal + account old posts from this subreddit. I approved to do some testing myself but it was so arid to watch my burn and counting the hits and misses.

What I accept aggregate is that

- The abounding aftereffect of EVD works alone for mobs aural +- 16 levels

- Alfresco of that, EVD still works, but the aftereffect seems to be capped. What I beggarly is this: Let's accept your balk is declared to be 20% based on your balk stat, but that alone applies to mobs aural your akin range. Alfresco of that, say a mob that is 50 levels college than you, the bold caps it at 1% or something. As the akin gap amid you and the mob reduces (say 40 levels), that cap ability admission to 5%. Numbers actuality are arbituary

If you are planning to capital a new phantom, I would go for balk accessory if accessible because as you level

- The balk carbon bliss in and becomes added and added advantageous overtime

- The added 3 options are kinda lacklustre. The alone added appropriate one is Crit Atk, but that is such a baby % accession if your advance is like 10k so I am added absorbed appear evade

I anticipate we will never actually apperceive what balk does for us unless Nexon confirms something or some dude actually does a able analysis but that is a absolute arid exercise.