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Oct-11-2018 Categories: news

Seriously guys. Yes there are things that Nexon did that are beeline up brainless and account accusatory about, like the 6 hour TS babble and the joystick still accepting trash of Maplestory M Mesos, but yall allegation to abdicate fucking arrant about everything.

To the humans aghast in the log in rewards: Do all you humans accusatory about the FREE SHIT that Nexon gives us like "oh my god my ring isn't permanent" "I LOGGED ON FOR 2 DAYS FOR 200K MESOS LOL GET NEXON'D" apprehend that they in achievement don't acquire to accord you bits at all? You guys act like you fucking log on JUST for the rewards. No dude you log on could could cause you're gonna fucking play the bold anyhow so stop bitching that the bits YOU GET FOR FREE FOR DOING SOMETHING YOU WERE GONNA DO ANYWAY isn't acceptable enough.

To the humans accusatory about whales and humans who absorb money on the bold and meso buyers: every individual fucking bold you play will acquire humans who absorb money on the game. Why do you accord a bits how these humans absorb their money like it's your money.

If you accept not to absorb money on the bold afresh that's your decision. If these guys accept to absorb money on this bold afresh that's their decision. Stop accepting arrogant douchebags because anyone enjoys the bold abundant to be accommodating to absorb money on it.

To all the humans accusatory about "NLStory": No fucking bits one chic is traveling to out DPS all added classes. How fucking brainless would it be if every individual chic did the aforementioned bulk of accident but one chic can alleviate or one chic can hit the accomplished map at once. Every individual chic in every individual bold has their pro's and con's. If you alone affliction about accident afresh accomplish a fucking night lord.

To the humans bitching about the bold accepting arid with no new agreeable appropriate now: Yield a breach and arise aback if new agreeable comes out. All amateur get old. All amateur get stale. It's just the way it goes. Yall advancing into this subreddit aural affronted that you no best adore the bold as abundant as you did afore just searching for affirmation.

People like me arise to this subreddit searching for absolute advantageous accepting like what's central the blush bean boxes or what event's next etc. but about consistently see humans just aghast with the game. If it's black that you don't adore the bold anymore afresh just quit. Don't accompany your babble here.

DKs do deserve a addict tho.

Inb4 "duuurrrr your column about accusatory is a complaint itself".

Thanks for account lmao.