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May-20-2019 Categories: news

Got a bit of a appeal afterwards my antecedent column from continued ago on the aforementioned thing, but with new chars.

The annual beneath is accepting best MP ability while still allowance it afterwards accident activity in Netts Chaos (not hell. im not there yet plz delay PepeHands.)

I've activated anniversary burn of lv 110+ with at atomic a lv 10 ballsy weapon, at max a low lv altered (5?), so it should be appealing applicable for a lot of cases. (not activated for Corsair, Blaze Wizard, and Thunder Breaker whom i never made, but was recommended via comments from antecedent post)

Dark Knight - Rush

Bishop - Shining Ray / Big Bang (hits lane below)

Bowmaster - Hurricane (+ Arrow Beck if you can't assurance your character) / Arrow Beck (hits lane above)

Corsair - Rapid Blaze (+ Eight Legs Easton if you can't assurance your character)

Night Lord - Atomic Shuriken

Dawn Warrior - Sun/Moon Cross / Moon Dancer (hits lane above)

Blaze Wizard - Orbital Flame

Wind Archer - Sentinent Arrows (hits lane above)

Thunder Breaker - Tidal Crash

Night Walker - Shadow Spark

Aran - Accustomed advance (empty quick slot) / Rolling Spin (hits lane above)

Evan - Dragon Breath + Acknowledgment / Earth Circle for two lane

I/L - Frozen Orb (can be chancy if amaze + mobs get acceleration boost) / Ice Strike (hits lane aloft and below) / Chain Lightning if duo (be at the basal attic or top attic to use to force chaining abandoned one direction)

Hero - Allegation / Shout (doesnt crave admixture if auto-battling (bugged aback the release), hits lane above)

Shadower - Phase Dash with Shadow Accomplice (+Boomerang Step if you deceit assurance your character)

Mercedes - Ishtar's Ring (+ Stunning Strikes if you deceit assurance your character)

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