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​MapleStory M - How acceptable are barrage breakers currently

news Sep-08-2019

​MapleStory M - How acceptable are barrage breakers currently

Just fabricated one for the hotlink skills, they don't assume abhorrent like what I heard. Fast aqueous skills, not too bad damage(?) aswell a top 200% atk addict one division of the time. Seems appealing acceptable except for no beauteous abilities and individual target.

Don't see abounding TBs on my server, seems to acquire mostly switched over to buccaneer.

Any accepted TBs affliction to allotment some acquaintance and maybe accomplishment setups?

195 TB here, barrage breakers's advancement is one of the best. But abominably it's appealing accessory dependent.

Partly because our advance is affiliated base, and there's a lot of multiplier included in if we casting abilities together, a individual 5% addict in accomplishment DMG is a lot to us.

And I accede with added TBs above, with the 200% PA buff, we are absolutely stronger than before, will be able to get top 3 and sometimes top if angry assorted targeted administration (czak and cht) and we don't blot as abundant if it comes to individual target.

And also, with this addict we are added accordant for added contents, eg brotherhood fort.

I anticipate currently TB is appealing balanced( we don't acquire absurd top achievement per line, but we hit added mobs harder, and added curve as well) the alone affair they charge to fix now is our typhoon/gale aggressive acquiescent and aswell that our 150 aggressive addict that lose it's accomplishment effect.

Other than that I'm blessed with my barrage breaker.