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​MapleStory M - How abundant was WA buffed

news Oct-24-2019

​MapleStory M - How abundant was WA buffed

Just searching for the old vs new numbers to their buffed accomplishment from the rebalance.

50% admission in SOH accident for individual target, Maplestory M Mesos as empiric by others. 19.5m GD with 30% and tangyoon column patch, vs 19.2m with 50% and tangyoon pre patch.

WA accident tapers off at about 23m GD account due to bulk of curve on SOH. Tested it during blaze bug with 42k concrete attack. This compared to a GD account of 39m on bowmaster with lower ashamed stats.

What I'm aggravating to get at is that the application doesn't lift the accident cap on WA, rather it makes it easier for humans to hit the 90th percentile.

That will aswell differentiate amid adjourned and God/whale bank adjourned players, as you are basically hitting at max accident on SOH and still aggravating to clasp out whatever's larboard on TW proc damage.

If you attending at it the added way, it is almost easier to accompany out the abeyant of WA.

In short, WA are bigger dpsers in abiding individual ambition bang-up fights, with TW procs and 170 Hyper accepting a DOT effect. Compared to ambidextrous a anchored bulk of accident in a controlled analysis ambiance like the GD.

Difficult to acquisition some one with the in fact aforementioned gear.

BM is apparently still the top dpser,but requires accomplishment to play in agreement of ambience up arrow platter, configuring arrows, etc. WA is a no brainer, authority and shoot with the casual debuff.

WAs excel in SF training and now with rebalancing we are on par with BMs I would say.