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​MapleStory M - Gaining CP and Overall Solid Foundation of Game

news Nov-03-2019

​MapleStory M - Gaining CP and Overall Solid Foundation of Game

Hi my name is Nevirion and I am a new F2P amateur on Scania and accept just started my MaplestoryM adventure. I currently accept a lvl 95 NL and am apprehensive what I should be absorption on spending my meso on in agreement of weapons and armor.

I accept watched every beginners adviser video, I accept how weapons plan and are upgraded through rank ups or fusing.

I accept looked at builds for altered classes and accept accomplished a acceptable compassionate of what needs to be done to get stronger (Via dailies, elites dungeons, starforce, ect).

My catechism is whether or not this advice is still accurate even admitting it is about a year old?

1, Are PBA weapons still a accept to and baronial up or is it just bigger to buy ballsy or different brand weapons and agglutinate traveling up now? (I accept adored every endure weapon crumb ability as able-bodied as Gold leaves and crystals)

2, My CP is alone 3k because I accept not bought any weapon and am abashed to buy annihilation beneath PBA accepted due to ashen stats and money.

3, I will accept time to play a acceptable bulk of time throughout the day accepting to lvl 95 in 2 days.

4, I artlessly wish to apperceive how to go about accepting CP bound and how to get stronger faster. Spending my time calmly as able-bodied as alive what alts to accomplish that go forth with authoritative my NL stronger.

5, Aswell I am searching to accompany a brotherhood that is focused on allowance beginners and adopting hardcore players!