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Nov-02-2018 Categories: news

The bulk of negativity in this subreddit, and in actuality this association as a able is bluntly astonishing. For those of you who are accommodating to listen, amuse do.

A little bit about myself, I was akin 121 pre application and Maplestory M Mesos accept been arena aback a anniversary afore the all-around launch. I accept spent abandoned a abstinent bulk of money on the game, but I am not allotment of the boyhood that has invested heavily into autobattle/exp boosts. I've played maplestory aback pre-beta maplestory aback in 2004 but added chiefly I accept been arena amateur for a absolute continued time, to the point breadth I accept anticipation abundantly about why I do it.

Why do we play games? Do we play amateur to canyon the time? To achieve a faculty of accomplishment? To acknowledge and adore the art/assets of the bold designers? To accommodated new accompany and play with them? To accept fun? To appearance off your boodle and accessories to others? What's the point of corrective items really?

Over the years I accept begin the acknowledgment is that there is no answer. Everybody plays for altered reasons, generally a admixture of all of the above. We accept to absorb the time on amateur we do afterwards putting abundant of the aloft to thought, yet it is those affidavit we abide to play. The changes to the exp ambit in actuality affect abandoned one of those reasons, with the blow in actuality unaffected. In fact, I would altercate that the application changes accept abundantly bigger added affidavit for arena the game.

Yes, I accede that the exp ambit changes "cheapen" the adeptness of hitting a college level--but it's in actuality just that. Annihilation abroad has changed...there were no levels that were "stolen" from you, and it doesn't achieve any faculty to say you accept been in actuality "screwed" over. You are still levels advanced of others, with the admonition that it's now easier for others to bolt up. You are accusatory about an inconsequential change to your accepted character. Nexon did NOT abduct levels from you.

There was anyone in accession column that acclimated a chase as a metaphor. No, That's an in actuality abhorrent metaphor. Aboriginal of all, contest accept a alpha and an end-Maplestory was never advised to be a race, and even if it did, abandoned for assertive contest (level 120 absolute mounts). Yes, there were rankings, but afar from a blueprint in a abstracted tab, there were no absolute rewards for accepting top ranked added than "being top ranked". Second, artlessly alleviative the bold as a chase disregards too abounding added aspects of the game-there is added to the bold than just levelling (equipment, social, drops). A abundant bigger allegory is abundance (in the absolute world). 

Imagine if there were a baby accumulation of affluent humans in a city, who in actuality becoming their affluence and formed harder to get breadth they were. Suddenly, the government decides to accession the minimum alternate allowance from 10 dollars to 100 dollars. Disregarding the bread-and-butter implications, what has in actuality happened?

No absolute money was taken away, but in a few weeks, the authority of accepting affluent would accept been lost. Their hardwork has been dismissed, and their cachet will anon "fade" into the masses. Seems like a appealing petty affair to be agitated about, no? Note that this affect was in actuality empiric in Canadian law if the minimum allowance was added from 10 to 15 dollars.

I'm so annoyed of humans adage they're agitated because "they wish to try the aggressive skills" or they wish to be able to play the new dungeons. You're agitated because you are no best (much) college akin than added people, and the authority that you had afore as a top akin amateur is absent from the ambit changing. That's it. That is what has been taken abroad from you, something in actuality abstract and in actuality internal. It's an emotion, not absolute cipher in the game.

Let's for a moment anticipate about the alternative: Adjusted levels. We would instantly accept a few akin 170-180+ players that will in actuality drove any of the agreeable that they just released. I'm appealing abiding a lot of us flew through the aristocratic dungeons and abandoned started in actuality arena 95+. What about all of the abundant dungeons from 20-90? All those assets in actuality gone to decay because they (arguably) fabricated levelling too easy. 

There is no absolute faculty in backtracking and arena easier dungeons so what would happen? Those 170-180+ players would abide grinding, until they hit max and...get apathetic again. They've already apart all of the agreeable that was available. There wasn't annihilation larboard to accomplish, annihilation larboard to earn, annihilation to do but bullwork expeditions cat-and-mouse for a few drops. Sound familiar? Oh yes, the exact accompaniment of the bold above-mentioned to the application dropping. to put it succintly, they accept in actuality abiding your adeptness to play the bold meaningfully. It about seems counter-intuitive right? So are abounding added game-design elements like regenerating bloom and akin scaling.

What I achievement humans can do is to appearance the bearings considerately and apprehend *there could not accept been any added way for the constancy and bloom of the game. It was credible the moment you hit 110 that the leveling ambit was not acceptable for the bulk of agreeable in the game. The all-embracing bloom of the playerbase and amusement is added important than "fairness" for a baby accumulation of aggressive levelled (128+) players. Nexon did acquaint aggregate poorly. I'm animated that there is amateur pushback. Yet, it's alarming see how agitated some of you in actuality are.