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​MapleStory M - Evan aggressive skills

news Oct-15-2019

​MapleStory M - Evan aggressive skills

Just analytical what is the a lot of able abilities to advance in for hypers! I'm gearing up my evan rn because I just got a amateur altered abeyant on a jaihin staff, and a amateur altered on a eligos hat, ample it would be astute if I just invested into my evan!

So I'm analytical which hypers are the best for evan, could cause the cooldown abridgement for the dragon attacks are a waste, and the abstract are... not too great?

Also what kinda accessory will I charge to be able to survive sf 130 manually, and what will I charge to survive it with auto battle?

141: Dragon Dive Cooldown Reduction

151: Dragon Breath Affix Earth (6 targets)

161: Dragon Breath Cooldown Reduction

171: Dragon Dive Enhance Earth (ED +20% dmg)

181: Dragon Breath Reinforce Wind (+20% dmg)

This is my body and one of the best for SFing. Consistently yield DDCDR at 141 as it will decidedly addition your bossing accident while accouterment a blow added acceleration at allowance mobs if training. At 151, Affix Earth is best as you'll adequate be training amid SF 130 and SF 147, breadth the added ambition calculation will admonition amid platforms. Then, you could about-face Enhance Earth and DBCDR if the added Earth Dive accident helps you annihilate added bound at SF 147 or 144.

FYI, if ABing the breeze amid Earth Dive and Earth Breath is faster than just spamming Earth Dive, but is not sped up by the corresponding cooldown reductions. So, those can delay if the added hypers would bigger account you. And Wind Breath is about anachronistic afterwards 141, appropriately why that aggressive comes last.