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​MapleStory M - Dailies

news Apr-11-2019

​MapleStory M - Dailies

Hey guys. Was apprehensive if there's a point that I did all my dailies.

All allegorical equip. Is there a point to aristocratic dungeons anymore? I don't accomplish alts. I don't meso farm. I play just to akin and for guild. The ballsy items almost advertise for 30k now, if anyone buys.

The exp seems too atomic to be advantageous (level 146). I apperceive I could use the powder, max epic, advertise at 5M, but I'm starting to anticipate it's a waste. Could've acclimated all the powders for my weapon and I don't acquire a charge for mesos anyways.

Same with gold leaves. Do I charge them? I don't in fact affliction for allegorical items. It'd be nice but not breaking any backs for it. Acquire been affairs the $.99 amalgamation accustomed for 90 crystals, accomplishing aureate angel pulls, and hopin for a allegorical rock I can advertise for 2B mesos so I can buy a allegorical weapon lol.

Same with pyramids, monster mashers, pirate. Are the drops all-important afterwards accepting rings, badge, earring?

You ability say: don't play! I've tried. You acquire no abstraction lol. Uninstalled and reinstalled bold over 10x accustomed for a month. Monster carnival and my brotherhood brings me aback (even admitting I'm in a angel that has a desperate time aberration from me lol).

Anyways, I just capital to apperceive what's all-important to do anymore everyday. All I affliction is leveling (so auto tix) and accomplishing expo, acropolis runs with guild. But maybe I'm not seeing something aback it's abandoned my additional month.

Personally, I'll consistently acquisition ED annual it, abnormally now that they accord Altered powders. I'm afraid how fast I was able to akin my allegorical with those.

Otherwise, I've appealing abundant accustomed up on all dailies except Mulung; I like the +15/25% chargeless exp for a accomplished week.

Netts, Monster Mash and Lord Pirate, I gave up months ago.

Mini-dungeons, Cooking and MC accord acceptable exp, but I can't be agitated anymore.

And the new Evo alcove isn't annual abundant either. And buy MaplestoryM Mesos so quickly from MMOGO.COM.