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​MapleStory M - Cool abashed by class/character choice

news Apr-15-2019

​MapleStory M - Cool abashed by class/character choice

I'm new and cool abashed by class/character choice. So I see there are options for Mercedes, Explorers, Evan, Aran and Cygnus.

Mercedes, Evan and Aran arise to be bound to the blazon of job they already are: an Archer, a Mage and a affray class.

But afresh if I attending at Explorers and Cygnus Knights, both of those characters accept admission to a advanced array of altered jobs.

I've approved award a chic adviser online but MaplestoryM Mesos aggregate that comes up on Google looks to be months old from if the bold launched.

Can Mercedes, Evan or Aran anytime about-face into addition job blazon like Explorers and Cygnus?

Is it like this because Mercedes, Evan and Aran are for beginners or easier to play so not as abounding choices?

I anticipate I'm absorbed in a Bishop (my username is HealingPantsTV so I like healers obviously) but it looks like I accept to be an Explorer to do that.

Also: why do Explorers accept so abounding added customization options on appearance conception compared to the others?

I like the all-embracing vibe of this bold and am searching advanced to some austere cutting but I'm just cool abashed on the differences amid the called characters and accessible classes/jobs.

Is there a breakdown of all of this anywhere? Or can anyone actuality just accord me an overview of all of this? Thank you for your time.

I'll be arena on Union-America because I got absorbed in this bold afterwards watching Fishy on Twitch and I anticipate that's his server.