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Oct-04-2018 Categories: news

PSA: You can run Chicken Jewel Circadian Alcove at atomic 25 times per week. This ambush existed anytime aback the KoC update. It involves converting Monday and Friday circadian alcove runs into chicken jewel runs. This requires you to do your circadian alcove runs a few annual afore reset.

On Thursday, on your endure run appropriate afore reset, don't cross abroad from the jewel accolade screen. Afresh delay until already displace happens, columnist "challenge again". You will be able to do Thursday's (yellow jewels) circadian alcove runs for your Friday runs.

A specific archetype would be like this: (23:50 server time, Thursday) alpha 1st run, 2nd run, ..., endure run. (23:58 server time, Thursday) You acquire accomplished your endure run for the day and are cat-and-mouse at the aftereffect awning for reset. (00:00 server time, Friday) Columnist claiming again, do your runs on the new day. That's it. Repeat aforementioned achieve for the displace amid Sunday and Monday.

Assuming you get 5 runs a day (+3 free, +1 from guild, +1 from account mission), you can potentially get at atomic 25 runs of chicken jewels. That's 25 Chicken A rank jewels for those who can run Hell difficulty. You can potentially get a few added runs if you save your circadian alcove tickets from added days' runs.

As mentioned at the absolute top, you'll abandoned be able to get 20 jewels per anniversary instead of 25 from this adjustment for abandoned amethyst or abandoned red jewels. That's because Friday comes appropriate afore the weekend, and Monday appropriate afterwards the weekend.

Thus for example, for purple, you'd abandoned get amethyst jewels from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for a complete for 4 canicule x 5 runs per day = 20 runs. This is because you can't extend Friday's runs assimilate a non-weekend day.

Thus you would abandoned do this ambush already per week. Blues and greens will crop 25 runs/week just like yellow.

Not abiding if this is advised bold breaking corruption or not, but hopefully it doesn't get patched. Aswell P.S. as a tip of Maplestory M Mesos, this is a abundant adjustment to use your EXP buffs.