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​MapleStory M - BUFF NW

news Nov-06-2019

​MapleStory M - BUFF NW

Nightwalker, as a lot of would know, has abhorrent mobbing abilities and artlessly blot at multi target. Our niche, acutely is a individual ambition DPS, a bossing class.

That accepting said, we await heavily on our aliment and adulate skill, Quint Star. Dark augury is fine. Adumbration stitch is just apparent debris skill.

Quint Brilliant has a dmg multiplier of 264.8 % with the final brilliant accepting 278.8%. Could use a accessory dmg addict in my assessment but that's not the capital focus here. My capital focus is the CD of our Lvl 150 Hyper.

1. REMOVE OR AT LEAST REDUCE THE CD of Adumbration Illusion.

My alone complaint is Adumbration Apparition (Lvl150 Hyper) accepting a 2 minute CD. This is just ridiculous. We do not accept a aggressive that deals 700% dmg every 20 abnormal like Phantoms nor Evan's Earth Dive that deals 714% dmg every 5 abnormal or so.

Our accident achievement relies so heavily on adumbration apparition to the point breadth if our adumbration apparition is on CD, our accident is just non existent. Time Bound helps but seriously, you don't get a apparition or bandit in your campaign all the time. Some phantoms don't even accept time leap.

2. Adumbration Apparition is ashamed as fuck.

If you accept adumbration apparition addict activated afore you access campaign like CPB, it just disappears with 3 mins CD if you enter. I'm abiding my adolescent NW out there would know.

3. Our animate accomplishment action is way too Continued I beggarly appear on, it's abominably Continued and it's just absolutely unnecessary.

Also bishops, amuse do not animate instantly if NWs die, we charge 1-2 abnormal to actuate the addict freezer contrarily we will lose the adumbration apparition buff. Thank you my adolescent bishops accompany for animating though, absolutely acknowledge the gesture.