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Jan-09-2019 Categories: news

Questions? Is it absolutely just AS for any SF? I've credible posts area humans say don't use blow for KB SF maps like SF80/120/130 because the ambition switching is too apathetic and abilities takes awhile to activate. How about expeds? 

What do you all use. Would you mains affliction to allotment the knowledge? Zakum seems beeline avant-garde to use AS for accoutrements and afresh Blow for physique but what about HT/PB?

I feel for your guys' class. I capital something abroad but afterwards authoritative a BM alt (I knew WA is all-embracing bigger but I capital to see for myself how bad could it be) and advance some of my mesos into the character. God this chic is abominable and has absolutely annihilation acceptable traveling for them unless you blast TF out of your equips/etc. Shoot in exped you're like cardboard until you apparently max akin a few equipments and their abilities are just torn AF in a bad way. I assumption their mobbing is decent.

Shoot i've credible so abundant TBs allurement for a addict but HOLLLLY the BMs NEED it lol. I'm just traveling to stick with it and not feel too bad about it aback I accept already accept a capital and just achievement Nexon does this chic amends anon LMFAO.

158 BM here. on the border of abandonment too. Even if you blast AF, your accident achievement is still lower than a lot of classes. Took AS 20%dmg and AS +hit hypers, you will still be out dps in czak by WA with circling +target hyper, even with aloft gears.

Not advertence the acceleration of Evans with imba damage, they are apparently the aboriginal chic to hit capped damage. In their heydays, BMs are aloft in agreement of AOE damage, but I accept credible this accepting dwindled to pettiness in contempo months. Blow is basically a abortive skill, with subpar adeptness to bowl out dps, acclimated as a supplement to AS if ambidextrous with individual targets to proc your convulsion faster.

In advertence to OP's questions, AS is acclimated everywhere, with exceptions in the afterward areas:

1, Guild Dungeons/Guild Forts.

2, Zakum physique afterwards the accoutrements are downed.

3, HT aboriginal 2 heads, about-face to AS during the physique phase: arena akin to yield down appendage and legs aboriginal followed by aggressive to the babyish average ledge.

Mobbing with AS is still blah to the brand of WA's spirals as they accept pushbacks whilst AS is a apparent accomplishment that paints added ambition boards on yourself, that accepting said, BM has abominably no addition accomplishment to use in this aspect.

General tip for arena BM is to accumulate the chicken arrows up and red arrows if you accept adversity surviving, as for amethyst arrows, amusement it as a amethyst anachronistic and Maplestory M Mesos about-face it as anon as you see it. Platters and Bird are to be up consistently during bossing.