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​MapleStory M - Best blaze option

news Nov-27-2019

​MapleStory M - Best blaze option

Hello all,

I was apprehensive if anyone activated what is the best blaze advantage to accord accomplished accident output.

I originally went for CD/PA per exp. However, I anon realised that the accession was characterless if I swapped out of my cutting eq (mulung necklace, belfry ring etc).

Any thoughts?

Try to cycle for PA to HP on weapon/shoulder/sec wpn if your hp is added than 60k abject (looking at max stats for different bonfire which is 0.6), this will accord u at atomic 360 PA increase, for PA to EXP ( max cycle is 66%) if u abrasion ROTL badge

- 15%, Kerning ring - 15%, mulung abutting - 15% , mlabel shoes - 10% about 55% abject EXP, u will get about 363 PA access provided you abrasion all of them, some may altercate why would i abrasion all this EXP apparatus if i am not cutting but bossing?

It's accurate that all this EXP apparatus doesnt add added stats or do they accept abeyant but anticipate of it, anniversary EXP accessory gives you abreast to 100 PA addition and abutting to 1% CD addition ( if your CD to EXP cycle is 6.6% different flame).

Medal - At the moment there is no badge that can add 100PA so ROTL badge is accessible choice.

Rings - BIS ( Monthly appearance ring, Master Soul Ring, Silver Blossom Ring), endure ring should be something that can accord u over 100PA benefit abroad Kerning ring should be your choice.

Necklace - Horntail Abutting ( for bang-up set bonus), the added best would be MM chaplet (give u 3%CD + both hp and mp with added curve of potential) or Mulung Abutting (100PA + %CD if you cycle CD to EXP on your helm,gloves and shoes).

For CD wise, no agnosticism just stick to EXP could cause there is no CD to HP., this is provided u are not application a briser or crit amount weapon (i am not abiding if the rolls for crit amount and BA will be abundant bigger with the accordant weapons, my acceptance is based on Jaihin weapon)

I ability be amiss but this are just my thoughts about it.