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​MapleStory M - Best Action for Exaltation

news Sep-15-2019

​MapleStory M - Best Action for Exaltation

Mythic EVD apparatus bulk a lot, and you charge 10 armors of the aforementioned blazon on boilerplate to get to lv 40 for ceremony piece. Actuality is what you should do. Clarify all your EVD apparatus to Empress apparatus first.

Let's say you accept 10-20 alts, acreage Empress Stones circadian on all of them (you should be able to get agitated in accustomed Empress easily). In 1-2 months, you should accept abundant stones to acclaim a allegorical armor on all of your alts.

On all of your alts, clarify a bargain allegorical armor such as pensalir ones afresh use that as actual to acclaim your allegorical EVD Empress apparatus (Maplestory M Mesos sell acceptable fuses and clarify bad fuses to become acclaim fodder later; or just buy a bargain allegorical armor off the TS).

This is the cheapest and fastest adjustment to get your EVD apparatus to lv 40. Lv 30 apparatus are acceptable abundant for now, but abundant harder expos are advancing in the abutting such as CRA. Lv 40 may be a accept to in the abutting if you wish to action end bold bosses.

Also because lv 40 armors would add a sheit ton of dmg now that we accept activation flame, stats commensurable to HP and MP would account abundantly from lv 40 armors. So lvling armors would not just add aegis but aswell dmg.

Fresh agreeable are usually complete and diffcult to obtain. The bold become easier as agreeable becomes outdated. By the time you get all akin 40 armor anybody is gonna get them in a affection beat. Just brainstorm they absitively it's time to accomplish it easier and accomplish the bulk of stones appropriate HALVED. Afresh all your harder plan just went to shits. It happens all the time. It's like everyone's non jaihan pba wep that they formed so harder for just got anachronous already they fabricated it cool simple to access during the 1st ceremony event.

The next affair I'll be absorption on is CRA armor or tyrant equips if it anytime comes around.

Level 40 accouter is abiding acceptable to have, who doesnt wish added aegis to survive sf144 or accept a bit added damage. But the investment about it is not ideal. Traveling on 40+ empress runs a day on your 20+ characters for 2 hours is a lot of work.

And the agreeable has been out for a few months, its anon that they will accomplish a change to it.

Invested players are consistently advanced no bulk what! Those who already got their PBA weap would get something abroad from the 1st ceremony accident such as acclaim abridgement scrolls. Point in short: the 1st ceremony accident allowances noobs and whales equally.

2 hours is not a lot of plan lol. I apperceive abounding humans including myself absorb in fact a bit added than 2 hours every day. I beggarly harder plan consistently pays off, and that's fair. Humans with top apparatus apparently absorb a lot of hours every day in this game.

When CRA armor and tyrant equips appear out, they apparently would be a way to advancement from our accepted armors, abundant like how you clarify to Empress gears. In the future, they would apparently be a agnate way to clarify our apparatus to CRA and tyrant equips. Regardless whether you accept Empress, CRA, or tyrant gears, lv 40 armors would appear in accessible at end bold administration or even new sf (when they absolution abundant harder sf than sf 144)!