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​MapleStory M - Apparition Hyper Question

news Nov-08-2019

​MapleStory M - Apparition Hyper Question

So basically I plan to body my apparition with blizzard cooldown cutter, and blizzard reinforce.

Since mille aguille is a accompaniment final accident is a acceptable best as it will advice damage.

Bad luck area concrete accident helps both mille aguille and tempest.

Now basically that's 4/5 hypers called there, and I accept crit accident 15% is a accessible choice; but bad luck area accurate amnesty seems like it will be a acceptable best for added uptime as 20% aberrant cachet attrition is appealing high, and if you cull a blooming agenda from carte afresh you'll accept 40% aberrant cachet resistance, which should makes your uptime added cogent acceptance blizzard to accord added reliable accident on bosses, which should accord you added all-embracing damage.

Considering bad luck area accurate amnesty so I don't lose uptime of blizzard because of acknowledged beating backs or stuns, I feel a 20% adventitious with a 40% adventitious for a minute is abundant and best for blizzard uptime potentially accretion damage.

- Crit accident in mille aguille is a acceptable best as it's 15% added accident on crits (but it is acclimated for 6 aberrant til next blizzard which is the big accident dealer)