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​MapleStory M - Agency to get too SF 147

news Apr-16-2019

​MapleStory M - Agency to get too SF 147

I'm ashore at SF 133, should I at atomic try to enhance up till 147 or just focus on weapon? What do I allegation in adjustment to survive added there?

I accept to point out that lower SF is usually better. A lot of of the time the HP gets assorted added than the exp if you move to college SF. For example, monsters may accept 1m HP with 20k exp in SF A while SF B may accept monsters with 3m HP and 30k exp.

Don't go college SF because you anticipate it's better. If your brotherhood has organized SF runs, accede your all-embracing firepower and adjusts to lower SF if necessary. Lower SF has a lower max exp amount (when monsters are already dead as anon as they spawn), that is a bright assurance that your affair should move up.

Of course, there are added things to accede in reality, like blueprint of maps and all-embracing spawn rate. And SF144 is accepted to accept monsters of about lower HP, so they are a abounding choice.

Ethan-B said that...

Your assay is true, but you forgot to abacus in the "walking time" afterwards you accomplishment the mob. In college SF breadth there are added mobs than you could anytime finish, by the time you accomplishment one accumulation addition set of mobs already spawned nearby, so your burn just needs to airing 3 accomplish abroad to advance again.

In the added hand, in lower SF, your burn will hit a few hits, afresh airing to some ambit for mobs, and hit a few hits again, afresh allegation to ascend ropes to acquisition mobs. Such walking time and aggressive braiding time don't accord you any exp.

Another agency to accede is the pub team. The college the SF is, the college aloft your aggregation will be. If you "stretch yourself" to the accomplished SF you can run, you will accommodated all guys who are as acceptable as you or bigger than you - which means faster killing rate.

For example, if you play at SF113, you will see all sorts of different or even ballsy weapon users on and off abutting your team, while if you play at SF130, about anybody is captivation a mythic. If you can accompany SF144 afresh it would be a new level, Maplestory M Mesos breadth you will see abounding of your teammates captivation Jaihin Adumbration weapon and even abounding allegorical adumbration affair set.