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Jun-05-2019 Categories: news

Hey guys!

New amateur actuality with addition question. I absitively to capital an I/L mage and capital to accept a adapted weapon while leveling up my PBA (also epic) so I collapsed two bargain ballsy wands to max.

However, I advised my time investment into the bold will be ~1hr/day from now on to do dailies, afresh leave on auto activity for meso farming.

And I don't like to do accoutrements of alt cutting to akin 85 (time consuming). Would it be best to advertise these off and abandoned akin my PBA to save time and powders?

Or should I agglutinate and accouter the consistent baton and leave it at altered while I akin my PBA?

I already accept 10k of the 35k GL it would yield to akin the PBA to unique, afterwards which I'd acceptable accouter it and bullwork out altered and allegorical stones complete slowly.

Any advice? I accept a lvl 95 Aran, 65 Bucc, 58 I/L.

I'm just in fact abashed on bold action to get my I/L advanced while devoting beneath than an hr a day.

I'm cerebration of accepting all to akin 110 to do ED daily, and AB for mesos but afresh I shouldn't accouter my PBA afterwards unique. It's so confusing.

TL;DR: With 1 hr/day:

1, Agglutinate two max epics to use while leveling PBA or advertise and focus on PBA?

2, Best bold action application Lvl 95 Aran, 65 Bucc, 58 I/L to advance the I/L main?

Any acumen at all is appreciated!