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​MapleStory M - Addict Corsair - Forgotten Class

news Sep-04-2019

​MapleStory M - Addict Corsair - Forgotten Class

1, Addict Rapid Fire - Access Dmg % and casting time/animation - there's consistently a adjournment amid locking on to the ambition and recasting the spell - (Bullets are meant to be FASTER than the naked eye can see)

2, Change/Integrate Scrambler into a Passive accomplishment - a 50/60/70% of adventitious to casting if application an Advance Accomplishment - We basically acquire no use for this accomplishment as an advance advantage as it is TOO USELESS now.

3, Addict Eight Legs - Access Dmg% and abate the casting animation/time to the next use.

4, Addict Nautilus - Access Dmg% and abate air-conditioned down.

5, Addict Ugly Bomb - REWORK the absolute action amuse (to something like Blaze wizard's) - It's meant to be a ATOMIC BOMB ALIKE and NOT BIRD's DROPPINGS, Access Dmg%, backslide to aboriginal cooldown and IMPROVE AOE!

6, Addict Summons - Advance Dmg% and Summons ATK Speed - The Accident from Summons are about abortive that isn't account "summoning".

7, Advance HP/DEF/PASSIVE/BUFFS - Corsair's is the abandoned chic that doesn't acquire any Guard, Shield, Evasion Abilities or Abilities that acquiesce us to jump abroad quickly, Can you at atomic advance our stats to accomplish us added TANK?

8, Change DASH into a addict instead so Pets can auto cast.

Corsairs in Maple amuse affiliate and Angle on this!