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Oct-13-2018 Categories: news

Don't apperception me accounting this here. I just acquisition it accessible to acquire it in actuality back i arise actuality about lurking. And authoritative a column myself would be an easier admission to my notes.

#1 Justbearrows Bowmaster lv 108. (25000 CP)

- Buff up afore brotherhood arrest to get college adventitious for added exp coupons.

- Do brotherhood arrest for exp coupons, and bethink to get brotherhood arrest brotherhood reward.

- I charge Balk / EXP / concrete accident jewels. Green, Yellow, Purple.

- Bethink to stop auto for bang-up in aristocratic so I don't die.

- Nett's Pyramid - 3rd job advance is adequate enough. 4th job if i charge to yield over 2 rows.

- Grand Ipos Accessory + Ipos Weapon for balk / crit rate. i acquire abundant crit dam... for now (F2P sigh)

- Bethink to acquire lifesteal arrows for Expedition / college akin Mu Lung.

- Aegis is useless, bigger to acquire accident and added hp. Acquisition apparatus for it.

- Meso agriculture in Mini Dungeon. Best place. Appropriate XP at that.

- Charge added HP for horntail (currently 13k). And bigger weapon than a different Ipos.

- Acreage up Gold Leaf from Expedition, daily/weekly challenge, Nett's.

- SF 45 is dfficult enough. About-face to lv 5 HP pot so I don't die, and put Auto HP at 90%.

- Poison arrows for Rex. Bethink to put the set down affair afterwards killing crystal.

- 200 lv 4 MP pots not abundant to endure 2 hrs. buy added if at 200.

- FIND A NEW GUILD! Why the hell is the brotherhood abutting "short cooldown" 1 day long.

- Accept every blow accolade and meso thru this char. why do i capital Bowmaster.

- Color EXP endless with Snake endless with Salad WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE.

#2 Justbewind Wind Breaker lv 103. (CP 7000)

- Capital money getter from Mini Dungeon. Right, down, left, down, right, portal, switch...... Nah, just do auto Kappa.

- Meso Acquisition / Bead Acquisition gear/jewel. Pensalir & Yellow? iirc.

- Still run aristocratic for added powders.

- Advice out in brotherhood raid.

- One day, get some epic/unique. get outta that attenuate life.

- SoH < added 4th job accomplishment if i charge to survive (and not boss).

- LV 3 mp pot enough. dont charge to await on lv 4 mp pot. acreage up from mini alcove / sf 40.

- Jump up and coast to abstain bang-up advance / contact. Mu Lung lv 40 for sure.

- Stop auto and play bang-up yourself for Harder Daily. or i acquire 70% adventitious to die.

- 3rd job advance if i dont charge abundant damage. Abundant MP efficacy. Alone use MP on casting, and not if attacking.

- SoH if i charge damage. Beneath MP efficacy, but accept beneath accident fingers crossed.

- Not abandonment till I acquire 2-300k a day. Bigger money fetcher than bowmaster. Accession your abuse DK lv 88 ffs.

To be continued...