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​MapleStory M - Aboriginal timer admonition and tips

news Jan-04-2019

​MapleStory M - Aboriginal timer admonition and tips

Hey All! I just downloaded this bold and started arena as Evan for my aboriginal character. So far it's been fun and brought me lots of homesickness vibes, advancing from aboriginal MapleStory aback in the day~ and abnormally abundant I adulation the auto adventure and action affection cuz it helps me multi assignment and do IRL errands while this plays on my phone.

However I feel a little lost, abnormally with account builds and progressions. Aswell a ton of limited/temporary boxes and items are in my account and I'm not abiding how to min/max what I got. Any tips and admonition for returning/new players for MapleStoryM (Maple story M Mesos)?

Many guides accept already been accounting so I will not try to say everything, but basically what you allegation to accept for accent are:

1, Accessories akin & rank (rare > ballsy > altered > fable etc.), how to akin your eqp and how to advancement eqp rank (by fusing or rank up stone).

2, Brilliant force (make abiding you enhance to 14/15 stars afore advance to unique) (how to fix your accessories if you breach it while acceptable brilliant force).

3, Accessories stats for anniversary blazon (e.g. eclectic, helphas, etc.) and what is advised 'best' for your class.

The accepted agency to akin up are:

1, Accomplishing quests (these should get you to akin 100 in no time... at college levels, quests will accord to a accent allotment of your exp %).

2, Agriculture in brilliant force fields (common advance is: SF 40 > 65 > 80 > 113).

3, Accomplishing your dailies (cooking alcove + nett can accord in fact acceptable exp depending on your level).

What to do with your items:

1, EXP tickets - use it in brilliant force fields as you will be earning the a lot of exp here.

2, Auto action - just use them to ample up your barometer afore they expire, you can use them at a abstracted time.

3, Buffs - use during expeditions, mulung dojo or brotherhood dungeon.

Compared to PC maplestory, you will not run out of accomplishment credibility (i.e. you get to max every accomplishment and do not accept to accept amid altered options) and there is no LUK/DEX/INT kinda thing, so the capital aberration amid players is your gear.

Good luck!