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Jun-11-2019 Categories: news

I fabricated a abbey I'm akin 130 And I suck. I acquire a allegorical weapon, outfit, shoes, all that. Like two allegorical items. I'm not the BEST and none are emblemed but accursed I blot im consistently #9 on the bosses. I was acquisitive with this abundant Meso invested I'd be on some next akin stuff.

Nationalpcc told me on reddit, I anticipate it's just the bishop.

So what's the next best option? I acquire a 124 marksman and a nightlord but neither are funded. I acquire abundant Meso do armamentarium one added character. What's best to armamentarium and run with? Try to fix my abbey somehow and not lose accomplishment there? Or is a mm bigger than NL? Or should I accomplish a buccaneer? What would be the best option? I apperceive this is a appealing ample catechism just analytic for added opinions Bishops can calmly placed top for expeditions. Let me action some tips:

Zakum: Do not use angel ray during the accoutrements stage. Angel ray ambition calculation reduces by 1 for every assistant it passes thru. As the max ambition hit calculation is 7, if there are 6 teammates the angel ray passes, you would abandoned be hitting 1 arm. Accordingly it is bigger to use Big Bang. Charge it to the max and it will auto release. If it comes to the physique stage, use angel ray or if you're lvl 150, use the individual ambition angel ray.

Horntail: Just spam angel ray or individual ambition angel ray during the antecedent larboard and appropriate heads. For the third appearance breadth the accomplished horntail is seen, position yourself at the bottom, abreast the legs and tail. Use Big Bang to accomplishment off. You should be able to hit 5 parts.

Pink Bean: It takes abit of accomplishment to play both abutment and Dps. Use individual ambition angel ray all the way. Be acquainted of accident reflect. Don't die from accident reflect and use animate on teammates who died by accident reflect. There's a lot of accomplishment swapping. Oh and don't overlook to brushoff them!

Cygnus: Simple Cygnus is the aforementioned as harder blush bean. However, harder Cygnus will be a tad difficult. You would acquire to focus alone on support. With capital revive, allay and heal. Abandoned go abounding Dps on harder if you're bang and accommodating to go abounding buff.

Overall, Abbey has anemic accident during training as there are no reinforcements for angel ray. And a lot of bishops use animated ray at sf144/147. This is complemented with the lvl 170 aoe skill. About it still does yield a best time compared to added jobs. Afterwards arena a abbey as a capital for about 1 year, I would say it's mostly a abutment chic which is approved afterwards in sf and expeditions for its abutment skills. If you would like to play Dps or accord top dmg. I would advance evan if you're analytic at appointment your mage items.