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Jun-12-2019 Categories: news

Dear Nexon,

MapleStory M is about friends. Making them, and playing the game with them. Enjoying the journey and struggle of grinding, defeating a boss, and plenty more. I have a friend that just started playing, they lucked out and got great Gold Apple rewards, sold them and have MapleStory M Mesos.

I'm going to be selling my character's gear, and was hoping to sell it to them. But my weapon is an item that is sniped by bots constantly. I understand and know Nexon has been cracking down on these bots more and more, and it's great.

Not going unnoticed. But that risk is still there. And I don't want my friend and I to get robbed because a bot beat us to the trade station.

I understand you may not want trading as an aspect in the game. I'm begging you to add it. And as a means to help encourage your company to, why not make it something that has to be purchased. Like a one use ticket.

A trade one item to another player, once. And make it, 500 gems? Heck even 750 gems. So many people would buy it. Despite it being a one time trade. If you're worried many will abuse it, make it only usable for legendary and mythic items only. Or even just mythic.

I have heard and seen countless items sniped by bots. Relationships ended because others thought they were scammed. So much drama because of that unavoidable barrier of trust. If your company can add that security, letting us know we are trading safely.

A bot can't snipe our item, our friends can help us out while also getting something in return; this would show that Nexon at least offers a way to keep strong relationships, trusts between strangers, and for friends to help out other friends.

This game is about community. And I want to do everything to make it stronger. I understand this is a suggestion, but it's about a major aspect of the gameplay. I have provided a means to please the player base/ you consumers, while also making your company more money.

I hope you will consider this idea.

Very grateful for any up vote given as the more people for this idea, the more likely they will incorporate it.

Happy Mapling.