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​MapleStory M - A quick guide for leaf farming

news Jun-13-2019

​MapleStory M - A quick guide for leaf farming

Hey everyone,

I've seen a few posts lately about leaf farming, but I always noticed there were a few things missing, so I thought I'd make a complete guide. Hope this helps!

Here's what you can do every day to get the most leaves:


- Join an active guild

If your guild has 45 people logging in every day, that will get you 200 leaves per day. You will also get tickets for different dungeons and more people to help you complete them – and do Expeds with. It might be hard to get to the 200 leaves per day, but try to aim for at least 25 daily log-ins, for the Netts Pyramid ticket.

Result: 200 leaves per day (+ tickets)

- Expeditions

The harder the expedition, the more leaves you get. Try as much as possible to do Chaos Zakum (200 leaves), Hard Horntail (150), Hard Pink Bean (150) and Normal Empress (100) every time you can. If you do at least two expeds per day, you will get a bonus 100 leaves in your weekly missions.

Result: 1300 leaves per day (600 leaves x 2 + 100)

- Daily tasks

There are lots of dungeons that you should clear at least once per day for bonus leaves. The Elite Dungeon, Daily Dungeon, Mini Dungeon and Evolution Dungeon all get you 170 or 190 leaves when you do them at least once per day.

Result: 760 leaves per day (if each task gets you 190)

- Nett's Pyramid

Hell Nett's has about 50% chance to give you leaves (120, 180 or 200).

Result: average of 400 leaves per day

- Monster Carnival

I haven't done MC for a while now, but it does give 50-60 leaves from time to time. I assume it's at most 50% of the time, but any reliable data would be appreciated.

Result: average of 90 leaves per day (so I'd say not worth it for leaves)


- Lord Pirate

Why isn't Lord Pirate in the basics? Because there's a lot to say here – this is the most underrated Daily in the game. LPQ should be your main source of leaves with expeds.

There are different paths you can take in Lord Pirate, but to get the most leaves, the most efficient is:

Clear map 1 > Fail map 2 (kill 299 monsters instead of 300) > Complete normally.

This will let you get more of the pirate marks to clear quests, as well as fight Shark for an extra 20 leaves. Of course, make sure to pick up all the drops.

Another thing to note is that, consistently, I have gotten more marks while soloing the dungeon, compared to doing it with a team. My average per run is 8 Rookie Pirate Marks (those with a black background), 34 Rising Pirate Marks (blue background) and 66 Veteran Pirate Marks (black background), while soloing and taking the Shark path (oh and, it probably doesn't change a thing, but I'm always taking a star candy for drop rate increase while doing LPQ).

Final thing to note is that the quests improve when you clear them. I haven't done LPQ that many times, but nowadays, the quests I have are: 200 Rookie Marks for 600 leaves; 240 Rising Marks for 1000 leaves; 1000 Veteran Marks for 1000 leaves. Which leads to the following results:

Result: for me, average of 755 leaves per day

UPDATE: Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end. There is a cap on the quests you can do in LPQ. The last quest for Krus is getting 1750 Rising Marks, so once you've hit this, you'll have to switch to a new path:

Clear room 1, Clear room 2, don't enter secret room (anyway you can't because you solo), Clear normally.

This will let you do some new quests, which should be almost as good as the Shark path.

However, there's quite probably a cap on quests Veteran Marks; I expect it'll be 5350. Once that cap is hit, LPQ loses all interest for leaves. I'll keep you guys posted.

- Alt Elite Dungeons

Now, of course you're doing Elite Dungeons for your 190 daily leaves and all that sweet powder. However, when you're doing EDs with an alt, are you transferring all the epic equips you get back to your main to extract them?

Extracting five elite equips can net you from 0 to 365 leaves (my personal average is 126 – note that I have the Bowmaster Link Skill, which is supposed to help extract more leaves).

Result: for every character you do alt ED with, average of 126 leaves per day

- Buy epic equips on the Trade Station

You can buy 10 equips every day on the TS, so that's 10 more you can extract every day.

Result: average of 252 leaves per day

DAILY AVERAGE (with 5 chars doing ED): 4387 leaves


Clearing your weekly quests will get you 1600 more leaves every week. Add this to what you can do every day and you will get an average of 32 300 leaves every week (this is if, like me, you do ED on 4 characters every day – do more and you'll earn more, do less and you'll earn less).

One last tip...

If you're farming leaves in order to rank up a weapon from Unique to Mythic, there's one other thing you can do to save a lot of leaves. Since Nexon never gives a full 10 stones to rank up from Unique to Legendary, you will need to buy the ones missing from the leaf shop. The next time we get free stones, I suggest you look at all your alts and see which one has the most leaves; if you've been doing alt Ed for months, well these 170 leaves every day stack up. Claim the free stones on an alt, Maplestory M Mesos and buy the leaves with that same alt. That'll reduce the farming burden on your main.

Well, that's it! Don't hesitate if there's anything I've missed, I'd be glad to add it.