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​MapleStory M - A few questions about the game

news Oct-14-2019

​MapleStory M - A few questions about the game

Q1: Hey everyone. I apologize in beforehand if this is a rather continued post. I accumulate dying on auto action in SF 80. I am arena abbey and I'm accepted akin 107. I accept abounding ballsy accessory and a different weapon. Is there a recommended body I should shoot for so I will not die?

My accepted gear:

Weapon- Jaihin wish (Unique) *Working on accepting Zakum Helmet*

Secondary- White Gold Book (Rare) - Just got

Hat- Eclectic Coral

Gloves- Eclectic Hermosa

Outfit- Eclectic Myst Blue

Belt- Blue Gilded Belt

Shoulders- Challenger Epaulette

Shoes- Eclectic Cabatina

Cape- Bloody Cape

Q2: Abounding of the videos/ guides I am watching/reading don't specify a specific amount in agreement of aegis or stats I should attending for in gear. Is your abject DEF/Stats important to anchor for if aggravating to acquisition the appropriate section of gear?

Q3: Is there a able way to accomplish mesos with gems so I can advance myself to SF 113 faster?