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​MapleStory M - 300 years to get a SSS jewel set

news Nov-20-2019

​MapleStory M - 300 years to get a SSS jewel set

Jewel Arrangement and Circadian alcove feedback. Overall I admired the changes a lot. A abundant bigger jewel system. Makes it feel a lot added advantageous I think.

However, this is a big one, it still takes an impossibly (not exaggerating) continued time to get an SSS jewel set. Let's breach down some algebraic here.

1% success amount for a SSS jewel. So that would beggarly 100 fusing attempts for one SSS jewel or 500 attempts for the set. That would yield 1000 (actually 1005 but I'm rounding) SS rank jewels aback we lose 2 jewels every attempt.

An SS rank jewel is a 5% acknowledged chance. So 20 attempts to get 1 jewel. That's 40 jewels. Multiply by 1000 (required for 5 SSS) and we get 40 000 S rank jewels bare for the 1000 SS jewels.

An S rank jewel is a 10% success chance. So 10 attempts for 1 jewel. That's 20 jewels assorted by 40 000 and we get 800 000 A rank jewels needed.

But hey we can now get added jewels from Circadian dungeon. I got 10 A rank jewels from 5 runs today. And 1 3% advantageous jewel. I paid for all options 5 times. And we can aswell accept what jewel we get if modifying. Awesome. 10 jewels of your best during the week. 20 on weekends. And afresh modifying to your best gets about 13 added if you consistently get the advantage 2 rewards.

That's 43 A rank jewels in a anniversary of the colour of your choice. Lets annular up Maplestory M Mesos to 50 incase we get advantageous with added options. Or you get some jewel boxes from contest or you buy some.

To get 800 000 A rank jewels at 50 A rank jewels per anniversary it will yield 15 384 weeks. That's 295 years.

It will yield 295 years to get a abounding SSS rank from accomplishing circadian alcove if you accept boilerplate luck.

I'm not the best in math. So if I fabricated any errors DM me and I will accomplish the corrections.