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Aug-07-2018 Categories: news

After advancing aback a while back, i came to affection two classes, and i deceit decide! DB VS. Cadena.

Ok so, DB and Cadena, what can i say about these two, I fabricated a DB like 1 year afterwards the were appear and admired them, (if i remenber accurately i fabricated them if they were advised debris tier, amonst added thiefs) i acclimated to play on EU maplestory, for some reason... , and i got abundance all the way up to 150 aback then, some time accomplished and Maplestory Mesos afore the RED amend i fabricated a changeable DB on GMS and got her to 202, accepting the accomplished lvl appearance on my account.

But able-bodied the cadena got released, so i absitively to play maplestory again, I fabricated one and omg, i admired them like adapted in the spot, man even the affair they play on the cover got me hyped, so i absitively to play on it a bit, afresh out of the blue i fabricated ANOTHER DB ,( A macho one; aback i dont best beat that way ) and i accept been devating with myself about which one address all my time, Since i adulation them both appropriately i assumption it comes down to.... Is cadena debris tier? Do not get me wrong, im not a dps blueprint bondservant And im not serching for an alibi to be armamentarium my cadena instead, But if i spent some greens i bigger feel powerful you guys apperceive what i beggarly !?

Now in a austere way, I just dont wanna feel like im crumbling my time arena cadena, if i could be added effecient as a DB. Afresh , i can be both afterwards any problems, i just wanna get it out of my chest and get an answer.

Cadena is easier to armamentarium than DB and is in fact not debris tier. I played DB till about 208 and couldn't get accomplished the annoying blow on DB buffs. I anticipate if you are aptitude adjoin cadena go for it because that chic is appealing air-conditioned IMHO.

There's something I don't accept besides the weapon how can a cadena be easier to armamentarium , aren't them both thiefs?

Both are bandit classes but some classes are easier to get college damage. Kinda like if you band up a hero and advocate ancillary by side, it'll be a lot easier to get acceptable accident from a hero than paladin.

Dual brand is bigger for bossing in a lot of cases but cadena has some in fact nice buffs accessible and cadena mobbing is a lot better.

Also DB has a lot of addict micromanagement that's a big about-face off unless you accept ample amounts of addict duration.

Not to acknowledgment DB is a able-bodied accepted Hacker chic (not that all DB players hack).

At the end of the day you can't go can't in fact go amiss with either, as they are both strong of Maplestory M Mesos, I'd just go with your gut and play what looks the a lot of fun! I'd alone aces cadena.