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Sep-09-2018 Categories: news

Sorry adolescent dks, i'm a NL from tmr onwards... So i accept been arena the bold for about 30+ days, got the altered ring and is currently a lv 114 DK with about 55K CP (unbuffed). I started off as a aphotic charlatan because the description if creating the actualization mentioned about how aphotic knights are mega tanks with "unlimited" bulk of Hp and acceptable dps and i in actuality admired the abstraction and anticipation that hmmm... this is what i wish to be, accepting able to catchbasin attacks from administration while ambidextrous some acceptable DPS.

Initially if i aboriginal started playing, i already noticed that dk's accident was on the lower ancillary compared to added classes. ( I apperceive dks are absolutely not the top dps chic but c'mon you've got to accept that the accident achievement is in actuality low) I comforted myself and anticipation that conceivably my accessory wasn't able abundant so i am defective abaft in damage.

A NL with agnate CP can calmly TRIPLE my accident output. (once afresh i apperceive i'm comparing dks to one of the best if not the best dps chic but still, amateur is just way too abundant in my opinion) every time i action zak or HT, there will be this low lv NL (100-105) with an EPIC CLAW ambidextrous as abundant accident as my DK with a maxed out PBA altered Jaihin Spear, what makes bulk worse is that DKs absorb a bits tonne of potions in expeditions (always about 200-300) while added classes about consumes abundant lesser. This makes me feel like i've ashen my accomplishment in maxing out my altered weapon.

Also DKs accept this in actuality annoying botheration that bothers anybody and that is 27atk accustomed added is boilerplate to be begin or acutely acutely rare, apparently added so than an adumbration weapon lol. The added affair that is air-conditioned duper angry is that afterwards you administer to grab yourself a PBA ballsy added and wants to rank it up to UNIQUE, the stats actualization 1315 instead of 1316. I apperceive 1 atk is negligible but it is just abuse arresting that your so alleged "PERFECT BASED WEAP is not perfect. This doesn't appear to added classes and abandoned dks *sigh* ...

Also the botheration i accept with aphotic charlatan is that dks accept an acutely agnate accomplishment for their 4th job which is aphotic annihilate and gungnir's appropriate both accepting 8 hit combos, the abandoned aberration is that aphotic annihilate has a added ambit and gungnir has a hardly bigger damage.

However this is what causes dk's accident achievement to be beneath average. Gungnir should've been a individual ambition accomplishment with an access in damage. Furthermore, gungnir can abandoned be spammed abandoned afterwards casting beholder and cede which takes about 3 abnormal for the addict to annals and is in actuality buggy at times. Accordingly throughout an expedition, dks losses a acceptable 10 to 15 abnormal on accident alone due to casting beholder, cede afresh beholder again.

Also, aphotic knights in actuality blot at HT because they are a affray actualization and the ambit of their abilities are just pathetic, appropriately to be able to hit like 3 physique locations of horntail, you will allegation to angle on a belvedere almost abutting to HT which will could cause dks to yield added damage.

Also if you realise, dks HP are not abundant college than that of added classes, the abilities that are accept to accomplish dks tank, adamant will and aggressive body, are aggregate throughout the party. Thus, dks are just there to ensure that added classes can survive bigger for bigger accident output.

While some humans ability altercate that dks are still appealing appropriate with the mobbing skill: CHARGE due to its advancement and i-frame, however, imo allegation is in actuality in actuality useless. The accident achievement from allegation is not complete top abnormally if u are a top lv dk with almost accustomed equips, aswell if angry college lv mobs, dks allegation to allegation like 6 to 8 times afore they can die.

Charge aswell tends to absence the ambition as it is a one hit accomplishment such as in aristocratic dungeon, appropriately not blame the opponents back. (i apperceive u can buy muspell gloves to access accurateness but attending at the barter station, things are so abuse expensive) And if dks are autoing, the AI doesn't spam allegation as fast as chiral play appropriately sometimes dks are decumbent to dying in starforce fields even if they are able to handle the enemies.

As a lv 114 dk, it is aswell complete harder for me to complete hell approach in circadian dungeons, we do not accept backbone like NLs do and aswell ability not be able to absorb up cheapest Maplestory M Mesos abundant accident to annihilate the bang-up in the accustomed aeon of time. NLs from lv 105 advanced are able of commutual hell approach circadian alcove consistently while top lv dks like me can't even do it. ( whales not included acutely ) Aswell NLs consistently get to angle their baronial on MU LUNG and can consistently get added credibility than dks.

To accomplish affairs worse, i accept spent a little on cosmetics appropriately it is in actuality aggravation me to accept to change a character. I apperceive abounding dks are adverse the aforementioned botheration as i do and i apperceive that updates in the approaching ability addict aphotic knights a little However, time is aspect and i am abiding that by then, NLs are still traveling to be the ascendant class.

Maple is about ambidextrous the a lot of bulk of accident so that one can farm/boss calmly to ability greater heights. Appropriately afterwards afraid for so long, i accept absitively that NL is conceivably added acceptable at atomic as of the moment.