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May-11-2018 Categories: news

I'm a 203 NW and I've got all my faf and tyrants(don't accept glove) to about 6-9% LUK. I've been agriculture adept craftman's cubes to get getting to different 1 by 1, but it seems too slow. What abroad can I do to access my ambit or the amount at which I get cubes?

This is how i did it, but it still took me like 4~7 months to get from 800k to 1.9m

1, Ample out all slots, including pockets.

2, Chargeless stats from cabalistic stuff, if you're 220, that's 900 chargeless stats (lvl1 vanishing,chuchu,nightmare).

3, Star all accessories up to 10 stars.

4, Get all your getting to 6%main carbon (into 9% afterwards footfall 6, afresh echo til leg).

5, Cube capital weapon up to legendary, afresh secondary, afresh emblem. Ignore all added accessories until this footfall is over. Use meisters/ reds to get it to uni, afresh blacks til leg. Alone reroll leg with atramentous cubes to anticipate bad rolls. The acumen for this is because they are the alone accessories that can get %atk (% accident es no bueno).

6, Cube from accomplished lvl (best % yield) to the lowest. So sweetwater/badge/superior uni->faf/reinforced uni *event items like animus ring area cubes can be bought from food should aswell be cubed, but ONLY with boutique cubes*.

7: 30% IED from crusader codex.

Note: Android hearts accord a TON of wep atk. try to annal this forth with your wep.

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