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This adjustment is absolute able-bodied accurate and should be accepted by a lot of players by now, boring. However, this is still the recommended adjustment for new f2p players to accretion their aboriginal pot of gold.

If you are new, actualize a appearance of every chic to try it out and akin anniversary of them to about akin 82. Otherwise, actualize DKs and set allegation as the abandoned alive accomplishment to acquiesce for I-frames, finer with an ballsy spear, which saves you on pots. Amid akin 30-60, you can aswell save on pots my abrogation your beforehand abilities at lv.1. (Post-Cygnus Inflation: TB with Tidal Crash would aswell plan well, admitting you adeptness allegation to leave it at lv.1 to save on pot)

Auto-quest to get powders and use them to advancement ballsy items you got from loot. If you don't accept any ballsy items, save abundant to abstract a bargain one from barter station. Bethink to focus on a individual area of accessory and don't decay any crumb elsewhere, even if you get authority of some bigger gear. There isn't abundant allowance for mistakes with alts.

Advices apropos appraisement and accessories alternative are capricious because of the contempo Cygnus amend and the accepted inflation. But here's an example, based on observations on Zenith NA afore the update:

- Weapons: Doesn't in actuality matter, but Jaihin are usually the top choice. Lv.1 epics go for about 1.5M-2.5M and maxed epics go for about 35M-45M. (Post-Cygnus Inflation: Back anybody wants to agglutinate new weapons appropriate now, maxed akin weapon of any blazon will annual more, so accredit to the bazaar for accepted prices. And of course, new weapon types will consistently annual added as updates come, due to scarcity. Appropriate now some can even be awash with alert the amount of old weapon types)

- Equips: Adequate to go for amateur and capes back they are acclimated by every chic and advertise a bit faster. Belts can be too, but because of immortals, the amount is somewhat lower. Class-specific equips are aswell fine, as continued as you accept a new/popular class, which sometimes advertise for hardly added but are bought slower. Lv.1 epics go for about 500k-1M and lv.15s are about 25M-35M. (Post-Cygnus Inflation: From my observation, the prices abide about the same, maybe hardly higher, back no new armors with this amend and humans accept been stocking up old equips, acquisitive for some inflation. If they are priced right, though, they do advertise faster for the time being)

- Note: these prices do not just calibration up if they are altered superior or higher, some types of accessories are annual bifold compared to the blow (e.g. blue-blooded shoulders), so be alert of that.

- Note 2: in actuality use up all assets on your alts and annul them ASAP. With the accepted 7 appearance slots per server per account, the aboriginal appearance you annul should be accessible for a new alt afterwards a anniversary if you are accomplishing one alt per day.

After agriculture and affairs equipments created from about 4-5 alts, you should accept in your coffer about 150M-200M Maple story M Mesos, as continued as you didn't absorb too abundant elsewhere, which opens the aperture for the added mesos authoritative methods.